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Marble Design Ideas for Your Home


Marble is a rich elegant natural stone that brings depth and adds beauty to any room in the home. Marble is timeless and beautifully exotic. Coveted for its traits the world over, marble has always been in style.    


When considering marble for your kitchen, flooring is a good place to start. Try choosing a specific marble. Think about what finish applies to you and what size best fits the room. Consider if you want the tiles laid traditionally or something unique? Choosing your trim, backsplash and accents now become a bit easier because now you have a basis to start from. Our polished and honed marble mosaics are a simple and easy way to spruce up your backsplash or kitchen walls without breaking the bank. Using Water jet marble borders, moldings and pencils for framing and accents are an elegant way to embellish your designs. 


If you want to capture the look of your dreams, consider installing marble in your bathroom. Tough yet elegant, marble gets the job done with style and grace. One way to really make your bathroom pop, is by infusing Water jet marble borders, moldings and pencils into your design. These accents coupled with our marble mosaics can really pull off what you’re trying to achieve. 



If you are looking to create the perfect focal point in a room, a marble fireplace will do just that! Marble is a beautiful option for your fireplace surround and mantel adding a robust ambience to your home like none other. Although you can use any natural stone on a fireplace, marble projects a classiness that other stones fail to live up to.



 As long as you protect your investment with regular maintenance there are no limits to what you can do with marble. Install it inside or outside of your home on the walls or floors. Be creative and design something so unique that it will leave your friends and family speechless. When you surround yourself with marble, not only do you create an environment that is inviting and breathtaking, you also increase the value of your home should you ever decide to sell?


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