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Beauty of Crema Marfil Marble Baseboard and Threshold, Bathroom Walls, Backsplash For Kitchen, Polish or Honed available, Marble Baseboard

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Crema Marfil Marble Baseboard From Spain

The Crema Marfil marble baseboard is nature's unique product. It is made from a precious type of rock that stands out with its distinct structure and color variations. Extracted from the rich marble quarries of Southeastern Spain, this material was able to witness the growth of the ancient town of Pinoso. Both of its Coto and Zafra varieties managed to become the most popular natural stones in the global market.

What makes it so popular?

Crema Marfil became popular for its distinct appearance, impressive continuity, and innate versatility. Its exceptional color can add more character and warmth to every home. It is also known for its continuity due to its worldwide market availability. Finally, its neutral appearance makes it perfect decorations and applications for bathroom walls, furniture, exterior flooring, and other dimensions.

This material is not exactly made from marble it is a soft colored limestone exhibits an air of elegance and sophistication. With proper maintenance, the beauty of this material can last for a lifetime.

Coto vs. Zafra variations

While the Coto variety is known for its dark veinage, the Zafra variety stands out with its irregular and small veins. Both types possess a soft beige color and a uniform background that makes them perfect for residential and commercial settings. As the most famous natural stones in Spain, they were able to exhibit extreme versatility in their capability to complement almost any kind of setting.

Applications and finishing

This marble baseboard is perfect for different types of application. It is commonly used as backsplash for kitchen, exterior cladding, and bathroom decorations. It is also perfect for fireplaces, pieces of furniture, and countertops because of its neutral tone and distinct structure variations.

Marfil's subtle nature and eye-catching appearance makes it perfect for different kinds of finishing.  Brushed, bush-hammered, polished or honed available in the International market immediately created a huge sensation. Polished types have smooth and shiny textures that can reveal your impeccable sense of fashion. Honed ones with plain surfaces are perfect for stonework and exterior cladding. Finally, brushed and bush-hammered types are known for their corrugated appearance and strong salience.

With the Crema Marfil marble baseboard, you can finally add a completely new dimension to your home or commercial establishment.